A “friendly staff” approach lies at the foundation of our human resources policy, which we established with a view to enrich and redefine the concept of corporate appeal.

With an ever-growing strength in its sector, RM Istanbul maintain their corporate appeal at the highest levels while proceeding in accordance with the expectations, sensibilities and objectives of each brand and organization for which they serve as a business partner, thus providing their prospects with a good reason to prefer them.
Thanks to our teams who foster and promote change by development, and move forward with a solution and target-oriented approach, we gain know-how in technological possibilities for each project we realize, we obtain sustainable results from the induction of each of our co-workers and the scope of our sensitivity expands to include the ecosystem we live in, in addition to quality standards.

RM Istanbul utilizes its human resources effectively to become a customer-oriented company that maintains and improves its leading position and capacity in the Turkish industry, fulfills the expectations of its stakeholders, values its employees, utilizes its resources in an effective way as a leading global company in its area that is open to change, sensitive to occupational health & safety and in conformance with relevant quality standards, while continuously improving its technology and drawing strength from the creativity of its own employees.

The objective of our Human Resources Policy is to plan, position, assign and induct the human resources who will ensure that the works that are conducted within our organization are performed effectively and efficiently.